Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I find myself enwrapped in Love

This Time Around I find myself enwrapped in Love -- Rumi's Ghazal 1372

This time around, all of a sudden, I find myself enwrapped in Love
This time around, all of a sudden  I find myself abandoning caution   

Having cut off my emotions, I'm kept alive by Something Else
Intellect, Thought and Feeling, I have burned them to the root

Tell the people, tell then all, I’m nolonger a people’s person
Let them know what I conceive is not what even the craziest conceives   

Seeing my passionate state, even the crazies, sprinkled stars and fled  
I have entangled with Nothingness and jumped straight into Oblivion

Suddenly, my intellect claims it hates me, doesn’t want to see me again
Trying to frighten sense, back into me, not knowing I have already witnessed

How does he expect me to be afraid? When I created him out of nothing
How can I be confused? I who have beguiled even the hunter, thus.

I am beyond the sphere of stars, I don't rely on blood flowing through me
I have even licked many a bowl for the beggar-faced ones

I have chosen to dwell, in this prison of a world, for a higher cause
I have stolen nothing to be dwelling in this prison,

Come see from my perspective; look at me through  my eyes
I’ve chosen to settle in a place far beyond sight

Your happiness comes from being totally drunk
But my happiness comes from no thought at all!

You are a lover with a smile on your lips,
My smile comes from inside with no visible signs

I am that rare bird hunters seek who by my own volition
Without a trap, or hunters on my trail, chose to crawl into this cage

For better to be with friends in a cage than free without them
To keep all Josephs company, I joined them with tranquility at the bottom of the well!

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