Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Musician of the Moon

مطرب مهتاب رو

مطرب مهتاب رو آنچ شنیدی بگو
Beautiful Musician of the Moon
Tell us, everything you have heard!
ما همگان محرمیم آنچ بدیدی بگو
We have all been in your circle of trust
Tell us, then, everything you have seen!
ای شه و سلطان ما ای طربستان ما
Our King , our Governor,  by your hand
You bring green freshness to the land
در حرم جان ما بر چه رسیدی بگو
Within the holy sacrament of our life
Tell us about what have you encountered!
نرگس خمار او ای که خدا یار او
Shy, coy like a  fresh  daffodil
May God always assist you!
دوش ز گلزار او هر چه بچیدی بگو
Yesterday I saw you in His flowergarden
Tell us, which flowers did you cut?
ای شده از دست من چون دل سرمست من
I am growing more restless now
my heart brimming in drunken love
ای همه را دیده تو آنچ گزیدی بگو
You can observe everyone all the time
Tell us, then, which have you chosen?!
عید بیاید رود عید تو ماند ابد
The Holidays come and pass along
Your Holy Day remains everlasting
کز فلک بیمدد چون برهیدی بگو
From the fate of the Heavens, unaided
Tell us, when were you able to flee!
در شکرستان جان غرقه شدم ای شکر
In the sweetland of the Soul
I am drowned, my Sweetheart
زین شکرستان اگر هیچ چشیدی بگو
From inside this sweetland
Tell us, what did you taste?  
میکشدم می به چپ میکشدم دل به راست
Wine pulls me leftward
and my heart pulls rightward 
رو که کشاکش خوش است تو چه کشیدی بگو
Don’t stop, I'm fine with such a sweet tug of war 
Tell us, what have been pulling for?
می به قدح ریختی فتنه برانگیختی
As you poured the wine into the cup,
I knew you would stir controversy!
کوی خرابات را تو چه کلیدی بگو
In the streets behind the wine tavern
Tell us, where did you hide the keys?
شور خرابات ما نور مناجات ما
Our tavern's vital passion
 Our prayers shining light
پرده حاجات ما هم تو دریدی بگو
Our requests for help are veiled -
Tell us, how have you rend them asunder?
ماه به ابر اندرون تیره شدهست و زبون
The Moon entered the cloud 
becoming dark and defeated
ای مه کز ابرها پاک و بعیدی بگو
Tell us, you who are the Moon
distant and clear of all clouds!
ظل تو پاینده باد ماه تو تابنده باد
May your lifegiving rays be everlasting
May your Moon be always shining
چرخ تو را بنده باد از چه رمیدی بگو
The whirling heaven is your servant 
Tell us, from what are you repelled?
عشق مرا گفت دی عاشق من چون شدی
Love asked of me last night
How did you fall in love with Me?
گفتم بر چون متن ز آنچ تنیدی بگو
I said: at such immense heights  
Tell us, what have you woven ?
مرد مجاهد بدم عاقل و زاهد بدم
  I used to be a warrior
I was wise and pious
عافیتا همچو مرغ از چه پریدی بگو
Be safe! Like a bird avoiding traps
Tell us, what were you flying away from?

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