Sunday, October 28, 2018

You are That

ای قوم به حج رفته کجایید کجایید
The group who have gone on pilgrimage , where are you? Where are you?
معشوق همینجاست بیایید بیایید
The Beloved is right here! Come back! come back!

گر صورت بی صورت معشوق بدیدید
If you only see the Faceless Face of the Beloved 
هم خواجه و هم دیوار و هم کعبه شماییید
You will know that you are the Master, the Scared Wall, and the House of God

ده بار از آن ره بدان خانه برفتید
Having travelled the road to that house countless times 
یک بار ازآن خانه بدین بام براییید
How about coming up to the Roof when you visit the house?

آنها که طلبکار خدایید خدایید
Those of you who seek the divine, seek the Divine 
بیرون ز شما نیست شمایید شمایید
Is not outside your Self, you are That! You are That!