Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Layers of Light

The layers of Light Spread; then unite
The darkness silently bare, a lingering stare
The music of the sky we hear from on high
As our gaze strays towards the sky
the sequence of light, of dark and bright
captures our wonder, other thoughts asunder
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There is no quest outside the Self

عاشقان را جست و جو از خویش نیست
For true lovers there is no searching beyond the Self
در جهان جوینده جز او بیش نیست
There is no seeker beyond him in this world

این جهان و آن جهان یک گوهر است
This world and the one beyond are one intrinsic gem
در حقیقت کفر و دین و کیش نیست
In the presence of Truth faith and blasphemy and kinship disappear
ای دمت عیسی دم از دوری مزن
You with Jesus-like life giving breath; do not even breath of leaving me
من غلام آن که دوراندیش نیست
I am the servant of Him who is not plotting for the future
گر بگویی پس روم نی پس مرو
If you say i will follow the trail back; beware, there is no trail behind you
ور بگویی پیش نی ره پیش نیست
And if you say you will proceed forth, know that there is no road ahead
دست بگشا دامن خود را بگیر
Open your arms and rely on your self (take ownership of your actions and rely on your self)
مرهم این ریش جز این ریش نیست
The remedy of this ailment is none other (and hidden within) than this ailment

جزو درویشند جمله نیک و بد
They are all from us dervish, both the good and the bad
هر کی نبود او چنین درویش نیست
The one who doesn't believe this is not a dervish like us
هر که از جا رفت جای او دلست
Anyone who goes beyond space and place the heart is their home and place
همچو دل اندر جهان جاییش نیست
in this world, no place compares with being in the Heart ( wherein lies the Self)