Saturday, August 20, 2011

From Hafez of Shiraz we search far and wide for the Lover by our side

سالها دل طلب جام جم از ما میکرد
وان چه خود داشت ز بیگانه تمنا میکرد
For years the heart would beseech us for the crystal ball ;
Begging a stranger for what it already had!
گوهری کز صدف کون و مکان بیرون است
طلب از گمشدگان لب دریا میکرد
Would seek the gem that is beyond the sphere of the oyster of space and structure
From the lost wanderers by the sea
مشکل خویش بر پیر مغان بردم دوش
کو به تایید نظر حل معما میکرد
I took my problem to the Magi Sage ; who with a confirming glance would unravel mysteries
دیدمش خرم و خندان قدح باده به دست
و اندر آن آینه صد گونه تماشا میکرد
I saw the sage laughing with winecup in hand
Wherein he peered in that mirror beholding myriad marvels
گفتم این جام جهان بین به تو کی داد حکیم
گفت آن روز که این گنبد مینا میکرد
I said when the Wiseone give you the worldbeholding cup
He replied: the day He was creating this deep blue skydome
بی دلی در همه احوال خدا با او بود
او نمیدیدش و از دور خدا را میکرد
A one without heart didn't realize God was with him allthetime
He didn't see and called Gods name as is from afar
این همه شعبده خویش که میکرد این جا
And all these simple slight of hands he performed
سامری پیش عصا و ید بیضا میکرد
Little did he know He was performing before a master magician
گفت آن یار کز او گشت سر دار بلند
And proclaimed that the great friend who was hung
جرمش این بود که اسرار هویدا میکرد
had committed no crime but reveal deep secrets
فیض روح القدس ار باز مدد فرماید
if the Holy Spirit bestows grace again
دیگران هم بکنند آن چه مسیحا میکرد
Others can also do what Jesus did
گفتمش سلسله زلف بتان از پی چیست
I asked what is the rings of the beloved hair for?
گفت حافظ گلهای از دل شیدا میکرد
He said Hafez you are complaining from a heart full of love!

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