Sunday, October 8, 2023

I Seek


 Ghazal 1400: The beloved's presence, I seek

Original Persian.

I hasten, I hasten, to catch up with you, the riders I seek. 

I dissolve into nothing, to arrive at the beloved's presence, I seek.

I become joyful, a fragment of fire

burn this house down, to reach the open, fields that I seek.

I become dust, I become earth, I prostrate like water 

So I can arrive, at the field of roses, that I seek.

I fell from the sky, a trembling speck, to my journey's nexus. 

I’ll tremble no more, be safe and secure when I arrive at what I seek.

The sky was a place of honor, the earth a place of loss. 

I'll escape both dangers when I reach the Sovereign that I seek

That balanced King of the world seeks a balanced lover. 

My face has turned into a gold coin to reach the value on the scale I seek.

God's mercy is like water; it does not go except to what is low. 

I become humble and pitied so that I reach the Merciful I seek

No doctor administers pills or medicine without an ailment. 

So I become entirely pain so that I may reach the remedy I seek