Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rumi on Love: Part 2, Love Heals all Ailments

[23] Khosh bash ey eshgh e khosh sodaye ma
Ey tabibe jomle ellathaye ma

May you
always be joyous ---
my beloved --
the one who benefits us all
my physician --
the one who heals all our ailments

The beloved has a characteristic that benefits all who come in contact or who interact in some way.
The beloved also is the healer of all ailments; such is the power of love.
Thus, strive to keep the beloved joyous!

The Sun appears as testimony to the Light

Posted by PicasaAftab amad dalil e aftab
chon dalil amad az vey rooy matab!

The Sun appeared -- to defend the existence of the sun!
Don't turn your face if proof stands before you!

Commentary: If someone doubts an obvious thing, and if there is clear proof, don't try to ignore it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rumi on Love: Part 1, The Fire of Love

Rumi speaks of Love within his masterpiece, the spiritual couplets -- the Masnavi Maanavi.
He defines loves, swoons in love and is ecstatic with love; love of the Divine.

In these series I will focus on his verses relating to Love. We'll start with the first book of the Masnavi and move ahead, and let Love guide us through Love's mysteries.

The very first appearance of Love comes in verse 10:

[10]Atashe esgh ast kandar ney fetad
Joosheshe Esgh ast kandar mey fetad

The fire of Love found its way to the flute
What fell in wine, was the churning of Love

Rumi is saying that the melancholy despair of the reedflute is there, because love had
wisped its way into the flute. Love, has fire, that fire has generated the wind that
creates the sound of the flute. That wind arose from Love and its tale of longing,
as the Masnavi starts with the story of the longing of separation of man from the Divine.

Wine, bubbles only because Love accidentally fell into it. The fiery drive of Love causes the drink to bubble and churn. This bubbling enthusiasm, this bubbling bliss as other seers such as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi describes the bliss of pure consciousness, is the bubbling of pure love. Love that is the subject and object. Love that is the Lover, and the Beloved is the love Divine, love of the Divine.

and gos on in verse 13 to remind us that

[13] Ney hadise rahe por khoon mikonad
Ghesehaye eshghe majnoon mikonad

The reedflute tells a story of a path full of tribulations
... stories of those madly in love

The way of love, is a way of tribulations. Literally, Rumi calls it a path full of blood marks along the way. And yet the Lover does not give up: madly in love, they proceed despite tribulations.