Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I have seen your Way; I will follow no other

جمع تو دیدم پس از این هیچ پریشان
I have seen your circle of coherence,
I will never be scattered again!
راه تو دیدم پس از این همره ایشان
I have seen your Way; I will never follow another!
ای که تو شاه چمنی سیرکن صد چو
Knowing you are the king of the grassland; fulfilling hundreds of my kind
چشم و دلم سیر کنی سخره این خوان
You quench my thirst; in eyes and heart ;
I will never be taken by the glamour of this world
I refuse to be taken by the glitter of the world!

کعبه چو آمد سوی من جانب کعبه نروم
I won't go towards the Kaaba,
even if it comes to me, for,

ماه من آمد به زمین قاصد کیوان نشوم
My Moon has come down to the earth,
How can I settle to be the messenger of Saturn !
فربه و پرباد توام مست و خوش و شاد
You energize me, vitalize me!
I am drunk and happy, content by your grace
بنده و آزاد توام بنده شیطان نشوم
I am bound and freed by your decree,
I refuse to become a slave of Satan!
شاه زمینی و زمان همچو خرد فاش و
You, the king of time and space;
Are like Wisdom, hidden, yet effects manifest!

پیش تو ای جان و جهان جمله چرا جان نشوم
Seeing You, who are both the hidden life-essence and the manifest world at once ,
How can I not transform into pure life-essence?

In this ode Rumi discusses a non mood making reality- a state of consciousness that is not a self imposed mood, but a transformed reality that occurs when the person witnesses Reality. "I have seen" your Gathering , your Way and I will not sway away or vacillate I will not be tricked into following others.