Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Proof of the Sun

The Sun came as proof of the Sun
When the proof comes, do not turn away!

Aftaab amad dalile aftaab
Chon daleel amad az vey roy mataab!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Like This - Ode 1826

هر کی ز حور پرسدت رخ بنما که همچنین
Anyone who asks you about a gorgeous one, show your face and say:  Like This!
هر کی ز ماه گویدت بام برآ که همچنین
Anyone who asks you about the Moon, go to the roof and say: Like This!
هر کی پری طلب کند چهره خود بدو نما
Anyone who seeks a magical creature, show your own face to them
هر کی ز مشک دم زند زلف گشا که همچنین
Anyone who speaks of the finest perfume, open your locks : Like This!
هر کی بگویدت ز مه ابر چگونه وا شود
Anyone who asks you how to part the clouds to see the moon
باز گشا گره گره بند قبا که همچنین
Open your robe knot by knot Like This!
گر ز مسیح پرسدت مرده چگونه زنده کرد
Anyone who asks you how Jesus brought the dead back to life
بوسه بده به پیش او جان مرا که همچنین
Kiss them on the forehead and say my dear, Like This!
هر کی بگویدت بگو کشته عشق چون بود
Anyone asking you to tell how can we be a martyr to love
عرضه بده به پیش او جان مرا که همچنین
Show them and say, my dear, Like This!
هر کی ز روی مرحمت از قد من بپرسدت
Anyone who asks about me from your trustworthy self
ابروی خویش عرضه ده گشته دوتا که همچنین
Show them your eyebrows and say "they became two"; like this!
جان ز بدن جدا شود باز درآید اندرون
Conscious soul separates from the body and returns back within
هین بنما به منکران خانه درآ که همچنین
Come out of the house and Show them, the disbelievers; like this!
هر طرفی که بشنوی ناله عاشقانه‌ای
When you hear the lover's crying from any direction
قصه ماست آن همه حق خدا که همچنین
By God, all of those cries are telling our  story, like this!
خانه هر فرشته‌ام سینه کبود گشته‌ام
Within every angel's house, you can see my wounded chest
چشم برآر و خوش نگر سوی سما که همچنین
Open your eyes and gaze well into the heavens, like this!
سر وصال دوست را جز به صبا نگفته‌ام
I have not divulged the secret of The Friend to any but the Northern Wind
تا به صفای سر خود گفت صبا که همچنین
The Northern wind, that Refreshing secret-keeper said, like this!
کوری آنک گوید او بنده به حق کجا رسد
The one who claims the servant cannot reach the Lord is blind
در کف هر یکی بنه شمع صفا که همچنین
Place the candle of Refreshment in each one's hand, like this!
گفتم بوی یوسفی شهر به شهر کی رود
I asked, how can the smell of Joseph travel city to city?
بوی حق از جهان هو داد هوا که همچنین
The perfume of Truth called forth from the world of the Unseen (Hu) : like this!
گفتم بوی یوسفی چشم چگونه وادهد
I asked : "how can the smell of Joseph open our eyes?"
چشم مرا نسیم تو داد ضیا که همچنین
Your welcome breeze lit my eyes , like this!
از تبریز شمس دین بوک مگر کرم کند
If only Shams blesses us from Tabriz
وز سر لطف برزند سر ز وفا که همچنین
With His grace, he drops in only to show he is faithful to us, like this!

I am restless for You, Night and Day

در هوایت بی‌قرارم روز و شب
Thinking of you I am restless, Day and Night
سر ز پایت برندارم روز و شب
I rest my head on your feet, Day and Night
روز و شب را همچو خود مجنون کنم
I will turn Day and Night insane -- like me!
روز و شب را کی گذارم روز و شب
When can I let go of this Thought, Day and Night
جان و دل از عاشقان می‌خواستند
Lovers want your heart and soul
جان و دل را می‌سپارم روز و شب
I gladly surrender my heart and soul, Day and Night
تا نیابم آن چه در مغز منست
یک زمانی سر نخارم روز و شب
تا که عشقت مطربی آغاز کرد
گاه چنگم گاه تارم روز و شب
می‌زنی تو زخمه و بر می‌رود
تا به گردون زیر و زارم روز و شب
ساقیی کردی بشر را چل صبوح
زان خمیر اندر خمارم روز و شب
ای مهار عاشقان در دست تو
در میان این قطارم روز و شب
می‌کشم مستانه بارت بی‌خبر
همچو اشتر زیر بارم روز و شب
تا بنگشایی به قندت روزه‌ام
تا قیامت روزه دارم روز و شب
چون ز خوان فضل روزه بشکنم
عید باشد روزگارم روز و شب
جان روز و جان شب ای جان تو
انتظارم انتظارم روز و شب
تا به سالی نیستم موقوف عید
با مه تو عیدوارم روز و شب
زان شبی که وعده کردی روز بعد
روز و شب را می‌شمارم روز و شب
بس که کشت مهر جانم تشنه است
ز ابر دیده اشکبارم روز و شب

Monday, February 13, 2012

The mountain dances for Love

Posted by PicasaWith love The earthly body can soar through the skies
With love The mountain springs up and starts to dance


Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Rumi Valentine 2012: Poems of Love

Translations, stories and commentary by Dr. Ali Arsanjani

MUM Library North Lounge

February 14, 2012, 7:30 pm

'On Valentine ’s Day we celebrate love, lover and Beloved with stories and poems from Rumi, the mystical Master Poet of Love. Music, slides, stories and poetry will mix to help us more richly experience Rumi’s ecstatic spontaneous poetry of Life, Joy and Love, painting the colors of love’s spectrum with the rainbow of Rumi’s words.

Dr. Ali Arsanjani will be reading translations of Rumi's poetry, recounting stories of Rumi and providing commentary on the poetry with insight into the Sufi traditions and poetic implications behind the hidden meanings. Here are some of the titles of the poems we will read and comment on, strung together in a few sentences: “Every particle of my Being” says “ you bring me back to Life”. “I have returned from the Lover”, and I am convinced that since “I have seen your way, I will seek no other”. The Beloved takes care of the lover much as the “Ocean takes care of the fish” . “Look straight and you will see the Moon”, for “don’t be doubtful, seek a Master”. “Play that rhythm softly drummer!” and “Make the lifewater of Love flow through our veins”. As one lover tells the beloved: “As you came to me your Being was hidden in the depths of this hidden Being of mine.”

If you wish to view the tape pls leave a comment and we will email you the link!

Whirling Sparks of Love Unite

Adapted from Jalaledin Rumi
by Ali Arsanjani


Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

Fallen from their source a day
They won't rest till they find a way
To reunite; they remember the day
So they choose to wind right back on course
To Be united with their source!

So they dance in sparks of love
Whirling round us from above
Waiting till the time is ripe
Clouds unite in a spark of light

Patient be, till you hear 
The sound of thunder very near
Forget what seems dear
You might, mistaken, gasp of fear

this calm breeze will soothe you down
amid the storm rolling over your town

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

Those fallen from their Source
See their plight; no remorse

Just stand up tall and shine with light
Or sit deep in bliss a spark of light
Or take the pen let the soul gush
Feelings flow no need to rush

Then Let it go don't push with might
It'll come to you if it's your right

Hear the flute the tale it tells
Hear the tale that it laments

From the reedbed since I was torn
People have heard this cry forlorn

fallen back from our source
Since that day, we've felt remorse

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

deeply yearns to get back on course
to find it's way back to it's Source

Winding back it seeks recourse 
Seeking union with every resource

Going back in time to seek
Union with it's source to keep

The Flute tells this tale to make you weep
To make you long and make you seek

Choose to light up, whirl and dance 
Look deep inside your secret trance

Light up and twirl; sing and dance
Rise again you have a chance

Be friend to all but your secrets keep
Secure inside that mirror deep

Theyll sit with you; laugh and weep
But still inside your secrets keep

Not far from my moan 
Do My secrets roam
Not far from this cry
Do My secrets lie

Yet they haven't that light 
the ear and eye

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

You know this well
What you sow, you reap

Don't give up the light; this is not your fight
Don't venture outwards; keep your might

Just let go; if it's your right
Stand up bright, shine inside, it's your right
Keep inside, just let go, it's alright

Stand up; shine bright;
Don't give up your right
Show all your might

Whirling sparks of love divide
Dancing flames of light unfold
Those who fell apart : untold.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Mighty Ocean and the Fish

 مر بحر را ز ماهی دایم گزیر باشد
The Ocean always flees the fish
 زیرا به پیش دریا ماهی حقیر باشد
For compared to the Ocean the fish is slight
 مانند بحر قلزم ماهی نیابی ای جان
You won't find a fish that is like the ocean of Moses
 در بحر قلزم حق ماهی کثیر باشد
Inside the sea of Moses
You will find many fish
 بحرست همچو دایه ماهی چو شیرخواره
The ocean like a Nanny
and the fish like the suckling  infant
 پیوسته طفل مسکین گریان شیر باشد
Always crying for milk

با این همه فراغت گر بحر را به ماهی
The ocean won't tend to a fish
With it's immense vastness,
 میلی بود به رحمت فضل کبیر باشد
Were it not through the Great Grace
 وان ماهیی که داند کان بحر طالب اوست
And that fish who knows
That the ocean is seeking it
 پایش ز روی نخوت فوق اثیر باشد
It's status will be beyond
the heavenly circle of ether
 آن ماهیی که دریا کار کسی نسازد
And the ocean will not grant a wish
 الا که رای ماهی آن را مشیر باشد
But by the decision of that fish
 گویی ز بس عنایت آن ماهیست سلطان
As if the fish is the king
 وان بحر بینهایت او را وزیر باشد
and the sea unbounded is his minister
 گر هیچ کس ز جرات ماهیش خواند او را
Only If someone brazen
should mistakenly call it a mere fish
 هر قطرهای به قهرش مانند تیر باشد
Like arrows, drops rush
to the oceanbed
 تا چند رمز گویی رمزت تحیر آرد
If you keep on speaking in riddles
You'll only confuse everyone
 روشنترک بیان کن تا دل بصیر باشد
Explain it clearly so everyone's
Heart will welcome it
 مخدوم شمس دینست هم سید و خداوند
All are subjects of Shamsedin
 کز وی زمین تبریز مشک و عبیر باشد
From him is the earth of Tabriz fragrant
 گر خارهای عالم الطاف او ببینند
if all the thorns of the world
should try to constrain his grace
 در نرمی و لطافت همچون حریر باشد
They would feel soft as satin to the touch
 جانم مباد هرگز گر جانم از شرابش

وز مستی جمالش از خود خبیر باشد

Every Particle of My Being

 دیدم شه خوب خوش لقا را
I felt the benevolent presence
Of our good king
 آن چشم و چراغ سینهها را
That lamp that lights up hearts
 آن مونس و غمگسار دل را
That companion
That never leaves you in times
Of need

 آن جان و جهان جان فزا را
Who expands my soul
And flourishes the world
 آن کس که خرد دهد خرد را
 The One who bestows
wisdom to wisdom itself
 آن کس که صفا دهد صفا را
The One who purifies
purity and light
 آن سجده گه مه و فلک را
The One whom the moon
and heavens worship
 آن قبله جان اولیا را
That One in whose direction sages soul pray
 هر پاره من جدا همیگفت
every part of my being
Independently uttered these words:
 کای شکر و سپاس مر خدا را
That thanks and gratitude
be to God
 موسی چو بدید ناگهانی
When Moses suddenly spotted
 از سوی درخت آن ضیا را
The light emanating from that tree
 گفتا که ز جست و جوی رستم
He proclaimed that he has been liberated from the bondage of the search
 چون یافتم این چنین عطا را
After having found such generosity

[When I found such generosity I was freed from searching any longer ]

 گفت ای موسی سفر رها کن
He said O Moses travel no longer
 وز دست بیفکن آن عصا را
And cast your staff away
 آن دم موسی ز دل برون کرد
At that moment
Moses cast aside his thoughts
 همسایه و خویش و آشنا را
Neighbors, family and friends
 اخلع نعلیک این بود این
This was what was meant by: "take thy shoes off; you are on holy ground!"
 کز هر دو جهان ببر ولا را
Cut yourself off of both worlds
 در خانه دل جز او نگنجد
In the house of the heart no one can reside but Him
 دل داند رشک انبیا را

 گفت ای موسی به کف چه داری

 گفتا که عصاست راه ما را
He said the way of the staff if ours
 گفتا که عصا ز کف بیفکن
he said cast your staff aside
 بنگر تو عجایب سما را
behold the mysteries of the heavens
 افکند و عصاش اژدها شد
he cast it aside and it became a dragon
 بگریخت چو دید اژدها را
he fled as soon as he  the dragon
 گفتا که بگیر تا منش باز

 چوبی سازم پی شما را

 سازم ز عدوت دست یاری

 سازم دشمنت متکا را

 تا از جز فضل من ندانی

 یاران لطیف باوفا را

 دست و پایت چو مار گردد

 چون درد دهیم دست و پا را

 ای دست مگیر غیر ما را

 ای پا مطلب جز انتها را

 مگریز ز رنج ما که هر جا

 رنجیست رهی بود دوا را

 نگریخت کسی ز رنج الا

 آمد بترش پی جزا را

 از دانه گریز بیم آن جاست

 بگذار به عقل بیم جا را

 شمس تبریز لطف فرمود

 چون رفت ببرد لطفها را

You bring me back to Life - ode 1393

I was dead. I came back to life. I was tears. I became laughter

[I was as good as dead, you brought me back to life!
I was in tears and you brought laughter into my heart!]

The power of love came, and I became everlasting power

My senses are content; my soul is brimming with courage

I have the courage of a lion, like Venus,  I emanate light

He said, truly, you have not lost enough of your sanity
No longer do you deserve to be in this house

So, I went and became a madman, with chains and all

He said you are not drunken enough, leave! You are not one of us!

So, I left and having found the meaning of being drunk with my whole being,  I was overwhelmed with joy

He said what? you are not prepared to give your life? You are not drowning in bliss?

And then I saw His life giving face; I was prepared to lay down my life.

He Said: You are all guile and immersed in doubts and [mundane] concerns

So, I became as if ignorant and corrected my ways and disconnected myself from people

He said you have become the shining light and leader of this gathering

But I objected, I am not the light nor the header  here, I will become smoke and disperse everywhere !

I am nolonger a leader, I am not out in front , anymore
I yield to your command !

He said you have aspiring  wings!

You will not give me new wings to fly,
So, I shed my feathers and left my wings, desiring only those that He would give.

He pointed out that I should not succumb to new promises
of power and position and not fret over them

So, through your Grace and benevolence I will be nearer to you

You told me not to recount tales of old love
So, I said I will not! I became still! I became established in Being.

My heart gained those lifegiving rays of light, My heart opened up engulfed the whole world.

مرده بدم زنده شدم گریه بدم خنده شدم
I was dead and came back to life
I was tears and became laughter
دولت عشق آمد و من دولت پاینده شدم
When the power of love came
I became everlasting power 
دیده سیر است مرا جان دلیر است مرا
My senses are in contentment;
Courage belongs to my soul
(my soul is brimming with courage ) 
زهره شیر است مرا زهره تابنده شدم
I have the courage of a lion
I emanate light like Venus  
گفت که دیوانه نهای لایق این خانه نهای
He said truly you have not lost your n
 Enough Sanity
No longer do you deserve to be in this house 
رفتم دیوانه شدم سلسله بندنده شدم
I went and became
a madman with chains and all
گفت که سرمست نهای رو که از این دست نها He said you are not drunken ought 
Leave for you are not one of us
رفتم و سرمست شدم وز طرب آکنده شدم
So I went and found the meaning of being drunk with my whole being and I was teeming with joy
گفت که تو کشته نهای در طرب آغشته نهای
He said you are not prepared to give
Your life 
You are not drowning in bliss
پیش رخ زنده کنش کشته و افکنده شدم
When i saw his life giving face
I was prepared to lay my life down 

گفت که تو زیرککی مست خیالی و شکی 
You are all guile and immersed in doubt and concerns
گول شدم هول شدم وز همه برکنده شدم
So I became as if ignorant and corrected my ways and disconnected myself from people
گفت که تو شمع شدی قبله این جمع شدی
he said you have become the shining light and leader of this gathering 
جمع نیم شمع نیم دود پراکنده شدم
But I objected , I am not the light nor the header , here, I will become smoke 
Dispersing everywhere 
گفت که شیخی و سری پیش رو و راهبری
You pointed out that I am a leader 
Leading the way 
شیخ نیم پیش نیم امر تو را بنده شدم
I am nolonger a leader not out in front 
I yield to your command 
گفت که با بال و پری من پر و بالت ندهم
You told me I have aspiring  wings 
So you will not give me new wings ti fly
در هوس بال و پرش بیپر و پرکنده شدم
so I shed my feathers and left my wings
Desiring those that He would give
گفت مرا دولت نو راه مرو رنجه مشو
You pointed out that I should not succumb to new promises of power and position and not fret over them
زانک من از لطف و کرم سوی تو آینده شدم
And I through your Grace and benevolence will be coming to you 
گفت مرا عشق کهن از بر ما نقل مکن
You told me not to recount tales of old 

He said : stop telling me tales of old love
گفتم آری نکنم ساکن و باشنده شدم
To which I replied 
Yes I will not
And became still with Being
I won't I said ; I became still and established in Being

چشمه خورشید تویی سایه گه بید منم
You are the fountainhead of the Sun; I am the shade of the willow tree
چونک زدی بر سر من پست و گدازنده شدم
when you struck my head I became lowly and let go
تابش جان یافت دلم وا شد و بشکافت دلم
My heart gained those lifegiving rays
My heart opened up and widened
اطلس نو بافت دلم دشمن این ژنده شدم

My heart wove new silk
and i grew distasteful of this tattered garment
صورت جان وقت سحر لاف همیزد ز بطر
At sunrise, the Face of the Soul 
was ecstatic in its nourishment
بنده و خربنده بدم شاه و خداونده شدم

I was a mere slave a downtrodden slave
and became kingly and godlike
شکر کند کاغذ تو از شکر بیحد تو
Your paper gives thanks
for your infinite sweetness
کمد او در بر من با وی ماننده شدم
when He came around me
i became more and more like Him
شکر کند خاک دژم از فلک و چرخ به خم

کز نظر وگردش او نورپذیرنده شدم

شکر کند چرخ فلک از ملک و ملک و ملک

کز کرم و بخشش او روشن بخشنده شدم

شکر کند عارف حق کز همه بردیم سبق

بر زبر هفت طبق اختر رخشنده شدم

زهره بدم ماه شدم چرخ دو صد تاه شدم

یوسف بودم ز کنون یوسف زاینده شدم

از توام ای شهره قمر در من و در خود بنگر

کز اثر خنده تو گلشن خندنده شدم

باش چو شطرنج روان خامش و خود جمله زبان

کز رخ آن شاه جهان فرخ و فرخنده شدم