Saturday, September 10, 2022

Where are you?


Ghazal 206 - Divane Shams

You from whom all good flows , who are you, 

The flower at the door of the garden, 

Tell me where are you, where are you?

Lily of the Valley with a hundred tongues

Did not give me any sign that it  found you

Don’t go, don’t seek any thing from me but prayer, and exaltation!

A sweet mouth is fed from the palm of your hand

O Full Moon of the Garden.

Some don’t know about your palm, 

Even if they benefit from its green thumb, raising trees and plants.

If the pine grew tall how could it match your height?

Flower if it used its hundred eyes 

would not be able to see you.

If the bird sang a sermon or the flower flourished and opened

and the grass grew sharp, they 

still could not catch up and see you.

The drink of a flower comes from a cloud, 

the drink of the heart comes from patience

Clouds, the plant’s best friend and light is a friend to patience 

They are lined up everywhere, 

people, ghouls and demons

But in this tavern none of them can set foot.

Search for me in any direction and say anything you want

You won’t make a hair of progress 

until I reveal some direction

the surface of this water is warmed by the suns’ rays

Again its the sun alone that can raise 

it to to the height of the sky

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