Wednesday, April 23, 2008

O You Lovers! (Ey Asheghan!)

Divane Shams -- Ode 1954

Eysh hatan noosh bada har zaman, ey asheghan!
Vaz shoma, kame shekar bad een jahan, ey asheghan!

May you always enjoy your pleasures : O You Lovers,
For it is from you that sweetness comes into this world : O You Lovers

The sweetness and bubbling of the Lovers reaches high heaven
This caravan has moved beyond the heavens and the earth : O You Lovers

What can I say from the shore of the sea for the sea of Life has no shore
It is way beyond space and no-space: O You Lovers

We are the example of waves, rising and prostrating
Until a sign is seen from the unseen : O You Lovers

If they ask you all: who you are ? O those who can’t keep your heads up
Go tell them we are the life of the life of the life : O You Lovers

The sea of Life is forgiving to those who cannot swim in its depths
For He gives away jewels for free : O You Lovers

Complaining “This happened and that happened “ puts people in a chest
We are free again from this way and that way: O You Lovers

“You thought you shot the arrow but we shot the arrow” comes from the unmanifest hunting ground
Sends bowless arrows flying: O You Lovers

When I was dismayed from searching in my heart, I came
And saw my beloved asleep with the Beloved : O You Lovers

I said to my heart: good choice and my heart laughed and said
The flower sits in the field of flowers: O You Lovers

Under my feet are flowers, under theirs is mud
When I march in the midst of the non believers : O You Lovers

Auspicious times it is when we, from the drunkenness of the beloved
Are also drunk and cannot tell the heavens from a thread: O You Lovers

This sea of love is in a delicate state of suspension
Not under, not over and not in between : O You Lovers

As soon as we saw the ray of Light of the Sun of Tabriz from the East
The earth and the heavens become pure absolute Life : O You Lovers

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