Monday, May 31, 2010

The Resolute Free Bird

Again perched atop the high wall, the bird
Saw, they had laid a trap for what it coveted -- the seed  
With one glance, he longed to fly free, across the vast expanse of the desert
And with another , his greed was dragging him down towards the seed
In tense challenge, locked the two glances,
Emptying from all wisdom the mind  
Until he let go his indecision, once again, the bird 
And tore his gaze from the seed and cast it on the vast desert
Joyously he flew with carefree wings, and became
A leader of all free-spirited beings
And if you follow his ways, you, shall be set free, too
Stationed in a blessed state; settled in freedom and safety
For the King of the Steadfast and resolute came to his heart
And so his abode  became the green garden of flowers
The Resolute satisfied with him; and satisfied with resoluteness, was he
So should you, if you have the will to discover a remedy for your ills, do thus
Into the trap of greed, countless times, have you fallen,
And thus, given up to the cutting, your throat.