Saturday, October 18, 2014

Again we arrive from the tavern drunk

بازرسیدیم ز میخانه مست
Again we return from the tavern drunk
بازرهیدیم ز بالا و پست
Set free from judgements; high and low 
جمله مستان خوش و رقصان شدند
With glee the drunks started dancing [with me]
دست زنید ای صنمان دست دست
Start clapping good people, clap! Clap!
ماهی و دریا همه مستی کنند
They'll both act drunk, the fish and the sea 
چونک سر زلف تو افتاده شست
When catching a glimpse of your beauty
زیر و زبر گشت خرابات ما
Our tavern has been uprooted and churned 
خنب نگون گشت و قرابه شکست
cup have been shattered, vats overturned
پیر خرابات چو آن شور دید
When the tavern master saw this glee
بر سر بام آمد و از بام جست
To the roof he climbed and fly did he
جوش برآورد یکی می کز او
Wine started to bubble for the One who he
هست شود نیست شود نیست هست
Turns Being to Nothing, then makes Nothing to Be!
شیشه چو بشکست و به هر سوی ریخت
shards of glass scatter all around
When the wine cup shatters on the ground 
چند کف پای حریفان که خست
Some feet are cut but those who're not
آن که سر از پای نداند کجاست
Where are the ones, who don't know first from last
مست فتادست به کوی الست
In the alleys of promise, those drunken are cast
باده پرستان همه در عشرتند
Asleep, while the wine worshippers are having a blast
تنتن تنتن شنو ای تن پرست
Hear the rhythm of ta-tum ta-tum you tummy worshipper!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Give me the wine of transformation

Ghazal 1912 from the Compendium of Shams, 

This reminds us of Hafez, who born in 1325 knew of , studied and was probably 
Inspired by Rumi, (1207-1275) even though some scholars rarely acknowledge .

بیا ساقی می ما را بگردان
Come on Saghi pass us our wine
بدان می این قضاها را بگردان
Change our destiny through that wine
قضا خواهی که از بالا بگردد
My friend if you want to change your destiny here
شراب پاک بالا را بگردان
You need to get some if that pure celestial wine from above
زمینی خود که باشد با غبارش
If a field is content to be with dusts 
زمین و چرخ و دریا را بگردان
Then transform the field, the sky with winds and the ocean itself 
نیندیشم دگر زین خورده سودا
I'm no longer going to bogged down in trivial petty dealings of day to day life
بیا دریای سودا را بگردان
Instead let's churn and transform the ocean of dealings
اگر من محرم ساغر نباشم
If I am not the confidant of the wine cup
مرا لا گیر و الا را بگردان
Then don't even consider me 
Transform everything else but me
اگر کژ رفت این دلها ز مستی
And if this drunk heart goes astray
دل بیدست و بیپا را بگردان
Then give me that pure heart, who knows nothing of hands that try to do too much and feet that hurry to go to unimportant places 
شرابی ده که اندر جا نگنجم
Give me then a wine of sorts 
Drinking it I won't be confined here any longer
چو فرمودی مرا جا را بگردان
As you have commanded me my Master
I will Transform my place 

When I do not strive

Today a dear friend sent me this quatrain from Rumi:

هر لحظه كه تسليمم در كارگه تقدير، آرامتر از آهو، بي باك تر از شيرم.
هر لحظه كه میكوشم در كار كنم تدبير، رنج از پي رنج آيد زنجير پي زنجير...


In the workshop of Destiny,
Whenever I surrender
I am calmer than a deer
more courageous than a lion

Every time I strive 
With strategies to contrive 
Pain upon pain
Chain upon chain 

This reminds me of the Daoist notion of Wu Wei or nonstriving, literally no action.
Here the spiritual seeker is encouraged not to contrive tortious mechanisms of achieving their sims. 

Allowing the flow of things to bring opportunities in abundance so no undue effort or exercise of control is made that spoils our day, where others perceive us as controlling and domineering and thus distasteful , no matter if they are not doing the right thing.

Do nothing says Lao Tze, and nothing will remain undone. The attention and thought on the goal will bring the means in a natural less stressful and conflict creating manner .