Friday, September 12, 2014

Never would I have guessed

Never would I have guessed, this adventure could intoxicate me so,
making hell of my heart and turning my eyes into rivers so,

never could I have guessed, that a flood would wipe me away,
casting me mercilessly upon the blood-filled ocean so,

bringing a thunderous wave upon that ship that tore it board by board
that in this relentless whirling, every board would be undone so,

that a giant whale would rise from deep and drink the ocean
never would I have thought an ocean could be swallowed dry like so, 

thereafter the desert would swallow the ocean-devouring whale so,
and as with Heron, the desert too, shall be swallowed by wrath divine, like so,

neither desert nor ocean remain, when succeeding transformations whirl so,
What became of Being when it drowned in Nonbeing, I really do not know, 

There are many things we know, but I no longer know --

swimming for my life, I must have swallowed foam, the opium of the seas like so.


چه دانستم که این سودا مرا زین سان کند مجنون
Never would I  have guessed that this adventure would intoxicate me so

دلم را دوزخی سازد دو چشمم را کند جیحون
Making hell of my heart and turning my eyes into rivers so

چه دانستم که سیلابی مرا ناگاه برباید
Never would I've guessed that a flood would steal me away so

چو کشتی ام دراندازد میان قلزم پرخون
 cast me mercilessly upon the blood-filled ocean so

زند موجی بر آن کشتی که تخته تخته بشکافد
Bring a thunderous wave upon that ship that tore it apart board by board

که هر تخته فروریزد ز گردشهای گوناگون
That from the relentless whirling every board would come undone as so

نهنگی هم برآرد سر خورد آن آب دریا را
And a giant whale would rise from the deep and drink the ocean so

چنان دریای بیپایان شود بیآب چون هامون
Never would I have thought that an ocean could be swallows dry like so 

شکافد نیز آن هامون نهنگ بحرفرسا را
the desert too will swallow the ocean devouring whale like so

کشد در قعر ناگاهان به دست قهر چون قارون
As with Heron, the desert itself shall be swallowed by divine wrath like so

چو این تبدیلها آمد نه هامون ماند و نه دریا
Neither desert nor ocean will remain
When these transformations come so

چه دانم من دگر چون شد که چون غرق است در بیچون
being is drowned by Nonbeing
what become of that state i don't really know 

چه دانمهای بسیار است لیکن من نمیدانم
There are many things we know 
but I don't any longer know

که خوردم از دهان بندی در آن دریا کفی افیون
For, while cast in that ocean 
I must have swallowed intoxicating seafoam 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I rid my heart of sorrow

برون شو ای غم از سینه که لطف یار میآید
Sorrow, I banish you from my heart for
the beloved's grace is coming 

تو هم ای دل ز من گم شو که آن دلدار میآید
My Heart,  You too must lose yourself for
the one who has my heart is coming 

نگویم یار را شادی که از شادی گذشتست او
My beloved I can't tell you I am happy for
You go beyond mere happiness 
مرا از فرط عشق او ز شادی عار میآید
Happiness shames in comparison for
I am overwhelmed by the love of you
مسلمانان مسلمانان مسلمانی ز سر گیرید
O faithful ones ! faithful ones ! 
Begin your faith anew 
که کفر از شرم یار من مسلمان وار میآید
For the blasphemous ones are so ashamed
They have converted and come as the faithful 
برو ای شکر کاین نعمت ز حد شکر بیرون شد
Gratitude you are free to go , for
the value of this blessing surpasses gratitude 
نخواهم صبر گر چه او گهی هم کار میآید
Patience, I don't need you any more although
You sometimes come in handy
روید ای جمله صورتها که صورتهای نو آمد
All qualities ! You are free to go for
New qualities  are coming 
علم هاتان نگون گردد که آن بسیار میآید
Sciences are turned upside down for
That infinite is coming
در و دیوار این سینه همیدرد ز انبوهی
My doors and walls are in pain for
They are over burdened 

که اندر در نمیگنجد پس از دیوار میآید
For this will not fit through the door 
And I know it will start pouring in through the walls