Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ode 1502 -- The Way of Love - Tarigh e Eshgh

I have freed the people from prison;
I have filled with bliss the tender soul of Lovers.

I have torn apart the dragon's jaws;
I have blossomed forth the Way of Love.

I have weaved a world- from only water;
I have filled that water with wind

I have etched images on water;
those that cannot be carved on ivory or wood.

From its joy, these images bubble with life and cannot contain themselves;
they decided to make a pact with themselves.

I have fetched forth from the depths of the well, many a Joseph;
and reminded them of their father's love

Like a Lover I have held the lockes of the Beloved,
if I have chosen to be a lover.

How beautiful the garden I have arranged!
How glorious the city I have founded!

The world knows; until I am King;
fair shares are granted and justice prevails.

The world knows; I am outside of it;
I have manifested so all can bear witness.

Behold the masters whom I have checkmated!
Behold those disciples I have mentored to mastery!

And those lions who have roared against us;
they grow submissive as foxes.

Silence the one who hinders Love!
Suffice for them that I have expounded the Way.

And yet those who were swept by the hands of fate;
going deep as I shouted forth...

So I may save and restore from the depths of the storm,
I who have created Non-existence.

Shams of Tabriz came forth and drew his sword;
from it I harden my tongue into steel.