Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If ever you are depressed ....

To the people of the world in these times of distress Rumi speaks:

گر تو ملولی ای پدر جانب یار من بیا
My dear, if you are depressed, come to see my Friend
تا که بهار جانها تازه کند دل تو را
So He will refresh your heart, this springtime of hearts
بوی سلام یار من لخلخه بهار من
The smell of my companion's greeting brings the song of spring showers
باغ و گل و ثمار من آرد سوی جان صبا
The north wind brings thus, to my soul, signs from the flower garden
مستی و طرفه مستیی هستی و طرفه هستیی
Drunken-ness?He brings the state of drunkenness ,pure existence? He is Pure Existence, the freshness of Pure Being

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I invoke the Lord of Love, so you understand

در دو جهان لطیف و خوش همچو امیر ما کجا
where can you find someone, in either world, as refined and happy as our lord
ابروی او گره نشد گر چه که دید صد خطا
Even after Witnessing a hundred mistakes, He does not frown
چشم گشا و رو نگر جرم بیار و خو نگر
Open your eyes, look at his face bring a crime to his attention and witness his good behavior nonetheless
خوی چو آب جو نگر جمله طراوت و صفا
Behold his manner fresh and pleasant as spring water
من ز سلام گرم او آب شدم ز شرم او
I melt in chagrin with the warmth of his greeting
وز سخنان نرم او آب شوند سنگها
the warmth and softness of his words would melt rocks
زهر به پیش او ببر تا کندش به از شکر
Take poison to his presence and behold He transforms it into sweeter than sugar
قهر به پیش او بنه تا کندش همه رضا
Leave anger at his side and return to see He has turned it all into pure joy
آب حیات او ببین هیچ مترس از اجل
Behold His nectar of immortality and fear not for your life
در دو در رضای او هیچ ملرز از قضا
Behold His doors of grace, no need to shiver from Fate
سجده کنی به پیش او عزت مسجدت دهد
Prostrate yourself before Him and He will bestow the esteem of attending Mosque
ای که تو خوار گشتهای زیر قدم چو بوریا
O Those of you, crushed like leaves, belittled under a boot
خواندم امیر عشق را فهم بدین شود تو را
I invoke the Lord of Love, so you understand
چون تو رهن صورتی صورتتست ره نما
Your face is the Guide, because your face is the gold backing the paper money of superficial life
از تو دل ار سفر کند با تپش جگر کند
If the love in my heart travels away it will do so with pain
بر سر پاست منتظر تا تو بگوییش بیا
My heart will be waiting on tiptoes until you to call it back
دل چو کبوتری اگر میبپرد ز بام تو
If the heart flutters away like a dove from your roof
هست خیال بام تو قبله جانش در هوا
Then your roof will be it's steadfast inner compass during flight
بام و هوا تویی و بس نیست روی بجز هوس
The roof and sky are both You, and only you, there is no face put the passionate,
آب حیات جان تویی صورتها همه سقا
You are the nectar of immortality for the soul, the LifeWater, the others are only selling water
دور مرو سفر مجو پیش تو است ماه تو
You need not travel far to find, the moon you seek, has always been at your side
نعره مزن که زیر لب میشنود ز تو دعا
You need not scream your entreaties, for He hears whispered prayers
میشنود دعای تو میدهدت جواب او
He hears your prayer and He will respond to you
Your prayers he hears, and answers he will give!
کای کر من کری بهل گوش تمام برگشا
He says my deaf one, leave deafness, become all ears!
گر نه حدیث او بدی جان تو آه کی زدی
If it were not for tales of Him, when would your soul sign with such compassion?
آه بزن که آه تو راه کند سوی خدا
Sigh aloud for that sigh can make way towards God
چرخ زنان بدان خوشم کب به بوستان کشم
Whirling I am happy that I bring the Kaaba to the flower garden!
میوه رسد ز آب جان شوره و سنگ و ریگ را
Fruits ripen from this elixir of the soul, even sand, pebbles and stones
باغ چو زرد و خشک شد تا بخورد ز آب جان
The garden will wilt and yellow it will be until it drinks from the soul water, that nectar of life
شاخ شکسته را بگو آب خور و بیازما
Tell the broken branch, drink from this and come to us
شب برود بیا به گه تا شنوی حدیث شه
After the night falls come to the chambers to hear the story of kings
شب همه شب مثال مه تا به سحر مشین ز پا
Night after night the moon is sought, don't stand in waiting until dawn

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Lord of unbounded kindness

در دو جهان لطیف و خوش همچو امیر ما کجا
In both worlds where can you find someone as refined and happy as our lord
As refined and upbeat
You won't find another like our Lord
In either of the two worlds
ابروی او گره نشد گر چه که دید صد خطاt!
He will not frown in disapproval
even if he
Witnesses a hundred errors

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Quatrain 216: Who is the True Me

If this self is not my True Self, then who is the True Me?
Who is it that utters "it is not I!" through my lips?

I know my self is but the clothing that covers
But then, who is the Self that I am covering?