Thursday, December 31, 2009

I knocked at the Beloved's door

A new translation of ode 436 by Maryam Daftari and Ali Arsanjani as a gift for the New Year 2010:

He asked who is at the door?
It is I, your humblest servant

He asked What are you here for?
I said, only to bid you "good health"

He asked, how long will you continue?
until you summon me, I said

He asked, how long will you be fervent?
I said, until the Day of Judgement

I made a case for my love
And I swore many a time

From love I repulsed your
dominion and your courage

He said, to make a case,
the judge needs a witness

My tears are my witness
And the paleness of my face

He said, your witness is unsuitable
Your eye's skirt; it is still wet

I submit to the magnificence of Your justice
The witness is just; without recompense

He asked who was your companion
I said, only thoughts of you, my King

He asked, who summoned you here?
I said, the fragrance of your soul

He asked, what are you determined to do?
I said, loyalty and companionship

He asked, what do want of me?
I said, your all encompassing grace

He asked, where is the merrier place?
I said, the king’s palace

He asked, what did you see there?
a hundred miracles, I replied

He asked, why, then, is it empty?
for fear of plundering, I replied

Who is the plunderer? he asked
This sense of remorse, I replied

He asked, where, then, is safety?
In forbearance and self-restraint, I said.

He asked, what is self-restraint?
the path of wholesomeness, I said.

He asked where is this malady?
I said, winding on the road of your love

When you are there, how will you be?, he asked
I will be unwavering, said I.

Silence. For if I utter the meaning of His words
You will forfeit yourself, and have no roof or door