Sunday, October 5, 2014

When I do not strive

Today a dear friend sent me this quatrain from Rumi:

هر لحظه كه تسليمم در كارگه تقدير، آرامتر از آهو، بي باك تر از شيرم.
هر لحظه كه میكوشم در كار كنم تدبير، رنج از پي رنج آيد زنجير پي زنجير...


In the workshop of Destiny,
Whenever I surrender
I am calmer than a deer
more courageous than a lion

Every time I strive 
With strategies to contrive 
Pain upon pain
Chain upon chain 

This reminds me of the Daoist notion of Wu Wei or nonstriving, literally no action.
Here the spiritual seeker is encouraged not to contrive tortious mechanisms of achieving their sims. 

Allowing the flow of things to bring opportunities in abundance so no undue effort or exercise of control is made that spoils our day, where others perceive us as controlling and domineering and thus distasteful , no matter if they are not doing the right thing.

Do nothing says Lao Tze, and nothing will remain undone. The attention and thought on the goal will bring the means in a natural less stressful and conflict creating manner .

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