Sunday, October 16, 2016

Under the Moonlight

Last night, under the moonlight, I spotted a band, in the distance, all drunk 
I saw infants drunk, the old drunk, the lute player,
all drunk

The moon had given the sky, a cup from that vat of wine
The moon was drunk, the sun drunk, shadows and light,
all drunk

When that fragrance of wine, reached the garden
the grass went drunk, the stream went drunk, the branches, vines and grapes, all drunk

Heaven drank a cup given by the Winegiver of the Covenant
so the heavens were drunk, the earth went drunk, limbo and all beings in them, all drunk

music came from a king's feast, serving half warmed wine making
the crown drunk, the throne drunk, the Emperors,
all drunk

a group of Sufis sat deep in the state of Transcendence
their outer coats drunk, their shirts drunk, their belongings drunk,
all drunk

on another side the Angels gathered, Gabriel was the Winegiver
the heavens went drunk, the trees in heaven, judgment day and the herald,
all drunk

Shams [my Master] was affected by such a cup
So he must be drunk; and as a rule, drunks aren’t responsible, for secrets they divulge!