Wednesday, May 7, 2014

In that moment

In that moment

A nafas, is a breath. If is taken to signify the duration it takes you to take half a breath , or an infinitesimally short duration.

I have coined the term breath moment to signify the moment or duration it takes to take half a breath, either in or out.

Being only with you, focused on your self alone, the lower, petty self is one possibility

And being completely absorbed into the higher self , being Selfless is a state of consciousness , pure consciousness, with the Self alone , not focused on or with the small self

Rumi characterizes the states of ba-khod and bee-khod. The first is to be with yourself focused on your lower, petty self . The second is to be selfless or losing the petty self to the higher Self, thus bee-khod is a state of transcendence beyond the mental focus on the affairs of a mortal , everyday self .

Those are the two states Rumi compares in this ode.


آن نفسی که باخودی یار چو خار آیدت
In that moment of breath
When you are with you
The beloved may seem like a thorn
وان نفسی که بیخودی یار چه کار آیدت
And in that moment
When you are unselfaware
What use is your beloved to you?
آن نفسی که باخودی خود تو شکار پشهای
In that moment when you are focused on yourself
You are the prey of even a mosquito
وان نفسی که بیخودی پیل شکار آیدت
And during that moment where you are without yourself , with no awareness of the petty self,
you will be the hunter of even elephants
آن نفسی که باخودی بسته ابر غصه ای
When you are focused on yourself
You are merely a cloud packing sorrow and regret
وان نفسی که بیخودی مه به کنار آیدت
And in that moment when you are without Self the moon will come to your side
آن نفسی که باخودی یار کناره میکند
In that moment when you are focused on yourself alone
The beloved will retreat and avoid you
وان نفسی که بیخودی باده یار آیدت
And in that breathmoment
The beloved's wine flows to you
آن نفسی که باخودی همچو خزان فسرده ای
In that breath when you are with you
You grow depressed like autumns falling leaves
وان نفسی که بیخودی دی چو بهار آیدت
And in that breath moment when you transcend yourself (and are with the Self)
Autumn will feel like spring to you
جمله بیقراریت از طلب قرار تست
All your restlessness stems from
Your trying for being settled
طالب بیقرار شو تا که قرار آیدت
Seek the restless thoughts until your mind settles down and you will have peace
جمله ناگوارشت از طلب گوارش است
Your indigestions arise from your
Trying to digest all these experiences
ترک گوارش ار کنی زهر گوار آیدت
But if you stop trying to digest all these experiences , even poison would become an elixir for you
جمله بیمرادیت از طلب مراد تست
Your aimlessness stems from your relentless goal-seeking
ور نه همه مرادها همچو نثار آیدت
Seek not and all you seek will be delivered to you
عاشق جور یار شو عاشق مهر یار نی
Fall in love with the beloved's meanness
Don't seek the kindness of the beloved
تا که نگار نازگر عاشق زار آیدت
That's how you can get the hard to get beauty to fall hopelessly in love with you
خسرو شرق شمس دین از تبریز چون رسد
When shams-e-din arrives like king khosro of the east
از مه و از ستارهها والله عار آیدت
By God, in comparison, being granted the moon and the stars will appear insignificant

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