Saturday, August 20, 2016

Try until your light shines

جمله در زنجیر بیم و ابتلا
They are all in the chains of fear and affliction
می‌روند این ره به غیر اولیا
And take the road that Sages did not tread
می‌کشند این راه را بیگاروار
They toil as slaves without realizing it
جز کسانی واقف از اسرار کار
Except those aware of the inner secrets of affairs:
جهد کن تا نور تو رخشان شود
Try again and again, until your light begins to shine
تا سلوک و خدمتت آسان شود
Until service and your spiritual quest become easy.

Rumi -- Spiritual Couplets -- section 221

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