Monday, April 23, 2012

The thought of your love keeps me lovedrunk

در سر هوس عشق تو دارم همه روز
All the days, I hold the thought of your love as a desire in my mind
در عشق تو مست و بیقرارم همه روز
Immersed in your love I am drunk and restless every day
مر مستان را خمار یک روزه بود
The drunk experience drunken ness only for a day
من آن مستم که در خمارم همه روز
I am that drunk who remains lovedrunk Forever

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What Alexander sought in vain

آن چه اسکندر طلب کرد و ندادش روزگار
جرعهای بود از زلال جام جان افزای تو

A poem by Hafez in which we quote this line.

That which Alexander sought in vain
And Fate did not give him
Was but a small cup of that sparkling clear, life giving jug of yours!