Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Moon is my Master

من غلام قمرم غیر قمر هیچ مگو
I am a slave and serve only the Moon;
Speak to me of nothing but Him - say no more!
I am a servant that serves only the Moon
Speak to me of nothing more !
پیش من جز سخن شمع و شکر هیچ مگو
In my presence speak of the light and sweetness and of nothing more!
سخن رنج مگو جز سخن گنج مگو
Don't speak of hardship, speak of nothing but treasures!
ور از این بیخبری رنج مبر هیچ مگو
And don't worry if they think you've lost touch -- say no more!
دوش دیوانه شدم عشق مرا دید و بگفت
Last night when I went insane; love saw me and called out:
آمدم نعره مزن جامه مدر هیچ مگو
Don't worry ! Here i come ! No need to scream or tear your garments! Say no more!
گفتم ای عشق من از چیز دگر میترسم
I told Love: look, I fear something else ...
گفت آن چیز دگر نیست دگر هیچ مگو
Love replied: there is no other thing anymore -- say no more!
من به گوش تو سخنهای نهان خواهم گفت
I will whisper secret words in your ear
سر بجنبان که بلی جز که به سر هیچ مگو
Only nod your head to agree, don't speak, say no more!
قمری جان صفتی در ره دل پیدا شد
Following the path of the heart, the life-bestowing Moon appeared before me
در ره دل چه لطیف است سفر هیچ مگو
The journey is delicately pleasant, when you are on the path of the heart, say no more...
گفتم ای دل چه مهست این دل اشارت میکرد
I said to my heart "what kind of Moon are you ?" and it replied
که نه اندازه توست این بگذر هیچ مگو
This is far beyond you, move on and say no more!
گفتم این روی فرشتهست عجب یا بشر است
I asked "what wonder! Is this the face of an Angel or a human"?
گفت این غیر فرشتهست و بشر هیچ مگو
My Moonheart said "this is other than Angel or Man, say no more..."
گفتم این چیست بگو زیر و زبر خواهم شد
"What is it then? Pray tell! Or I will be uprooted and confused!" I begged
گفت میباش چنین زیر و زبر هیچ مگو
He replied "be uprooted and confused, but say no more!"
ای نشسته تو در این خانه پرنقش و خیال
You who reside in this house of thoughts and images
خیز از این خانه برو رخت ببر هیچ مگو
Rise and leave it, begone, take your belongings, say no more!
گفتم ای دل پدری کن نه که این وصف خداست
I begged my Divine Heart: be paternal and kind to me, this is not how I expected Divinity to treat me!
گفت این هست ولی جان پدر هیچ مگو
He replied, "my dear son, you are right, but say no more!"