Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Particle's Message from the Sun

One particle brought a message from the Sun
"I rule no more, but serve this One"

Coming forth as an ambassador from the Ocean of Unity
that particle, now, will rule the seven seas

Good for the foam on the sea if he, can transform to become earthly
The heavens would bow down to obey, their foreheads on the earth they lay

ذرّه‌ای زان آفتاب آرد پیام
آفتاب آن ذرّه را گردد غلام
قطره‌ای کز بحر وحدت شد سفیر
هفت بحر آن قطره را باشد اسیر
گر کف خاکی شود چالاک او
پیش خاکش سر نهد افلاک او

مولوی،مثنوی،دفتر دوّم از بیت ۱۶۱۱-۱۶۱

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