Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ode 1518 - I am the moon - Rumi, Book of the Sun

Refined translation, thanks to Dr. Maryam Daftari, Parastoo and Sam Arsanjani.

I am the moon in the place of Noplace,
I am Life Itself -- don't search for me outside!

When people call you, they are summoning you to themselves
But when I call you, I will summon you only to your Self!

Whatever color you wish to bring upon me -- I won't mind:
Whether the brightness of hope or the gloom of shame,

Sometimes you are contrary and utter disloyal words
That's right! If you are like that, I will be thus!

In the presence of the blind, I am thus -- Nothingness
In the presence of the deaf ear, I am thus -- Speechless

Why are you washing your eyes with rosewater?
You can stop washing -- Look, I am the Flower!

[To see the clearly apparent flower, you do not need to wash your eyes with flowerwater]

You use Colorful flowers for your clothing and meals :
[Everything you put on and in you is from flowers [-- Thanks to Parastoo]]
You are a flower-eater -- you should not be my guest...!

This flower is *the* Flower! Look closely: you can see the presence of Grace!
With this Grace, I give back what was borrowed

Speech is a ship and meaning is the sea;
Make haste! Come out! I want to sail this vessel!

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