Friday, December 26, 2008

For Sages, no candle or beautiful lover exists outside the Self - Ode 1247

The Sages have no Light or Beauty outside the Self
Rumi, Ode 1247, Book of the Sun
Translated by Ali Arsanjani

Shahed = beautiful lover/beloved
Sham’= candle
Aref = Sage
Khoon = blood
Jahan = World
Leili = equivalent of Julliette, a beautiful beloved
Majnoon = Romeo equivalent; someone insanely/mad/uncommonly in love

For the Sage, there is no candle or pretty face outside the Self
Nor have they drunk the blood of a grape; wine is already in their blood

In this world, people become enraptured with a beloved;
Enraptured with every breath, the Sage’s beloved is the Self

Our values and assessment bases change; even by the hour!
From now on: use the unit of your actions to measure, so you can judge fairly

Ridding the Pharaoh of ego from the Egypt of your body
Inside, you will witness a state with your own Moses and Heron

The anchor of lowly treasure you have tied to your foot;
that takes you deeper into the depths every day

I saw a Jonas sitting at the seashore of the ocean of love,
I asked him: “How are you?” He replied. Using my own law !

He told me “I used to be a fish's meal, in this ocean
So I bent myself like the letter 'n' {Persian "nun") ; and now I command the fish!"

From now on, ask us not how we are: go beyond these "hows",
For how can someone speak of how they are, when they have gone beyond all descriptions of “how”?

Let the Sorrowful drink wine, our hearts are more joyous than thine!
Give the prisoners of sorrow their poison! Go, O bearer of wine!

Khoone gham bar ma halal o , khoone ma bar gham haram
Har ghami gerde ma shod, Shod andar khoon e khish!

He has encouraged us, sorrow to slay
He has banned sorrow from existing this way, from living another day

The sorrow that dares come our way, Will not live to see another day

Wine may flush their faces, those sick with sorrow,
We are rosy-cheeked from our own joy; we do not borrow



Yesterday the astrologer declared: I saw your horoscope; it was favorable
Yes, I told him, and yet this is due my Moon, waxing daily

But, then again, how can the moon compare to our Moon?
Whose face and horoscope determine
Great malefics, Great Benefics, who are governed by it[s majesty]

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