Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Sufi's Creed

The Sufi's Creed

Ghazal 378 from Hafez

Translated in collaboration with Maryam Daftari

We don't speak ill of anyone nor are we inclined to any injustice

We don't smear anyone nor do we sully ourselves 

We don't apply sophistical arguments to misrepresent scientific analysis 

We don't mix divine secrets with cheap magic

We don't find any degree of fault with the poor or with the rich

We absolutely don't find it in anyone's interest to do any bad deed 

We don't rely on the momentary calm of this suspended ocean of heaven 

Not to shatter the ship of the master artists 

If a friend is offended or someone speaks badly in envy 

we would tell you to move on and be happy, for we ignore what idiots say 

Hafez even if our enemy speaks in error we wouldn't confront them (we won't take issue)

And if they do speak fairly, we won't quarrel with the Truth 

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