Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rumi thanksgiving part 2

this is part of a story about a clan of rabbits and the kind of the jungle, the lion.
Rumi begins by defining power as our attempt or our trying to give thanks for the blessings we have received. Even the attempt, the trying is defined by him as power.
سعی شکر نعمتش قدرت بود
Trying to give thanks
for blessings bestowed
is considered power
جبر تو انکار آن نعمت بود
If you consider them inevitable
You will negate them
شکر قدرت قدرتت افزون کند
Giving thanks for power,
Will increase your power
جبر نعمت از کفت بیرون کند
Thinking you are entitled
the blessings slip away

Rumi gives us an example of a blessing: power. The ability to do something to have some station in life, wherever that maybe, however high or low.
He says giving thanks for your blessings will increase them, not giving thanks will dissolve them.

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