Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oh God may you never separate this union

ای خدا این وصل را هجران مکن
My Lord, never turn this union into separation.
سرخوشان عشق را نالان مکن
Don't make the happy lovers weep.
باغ جان را تازه و سرسبز دار
Keep the garden of the soul
The garden of our lives green and plush
قصد این مستان و این بستان مکن
Don't target your wrath at these drunkards in the garden of love
چون خزان بر شاخ و برگ دل مزن
Don't come like autumn upon the branches and leaves
خلق را مسکین و سرگردان مکن
بر درختی کشیان مرغ توست
شاخ مشکن مرغ را پران مکن
جمع و شمع خویش را برهم مزن
دشمنان را کور کن شادان مکن
گر چه دزدان خصم روز روشنند
آنچ میخواهد دل ایشان مکن
کعبه اقبال این حلقه است و بس
کعبه اومید را ویران مکن
این طناب خیمه را برهم مزن
خیمه توست آخر ای سلطان مکن
نیست در عالم ز هجران تلختر
هرچ خواهی کن ولیکن آن مکن
Vasl is a state of union and hejran is its opposite state: one of separation and longing.
In Farsi, God is spoken to reverently, but directly speaking to Him, an intimate Friend.
Rumi starts out with a supplication to maintain the union, the good, the state of union between those whom Love has made "head happy": happiness in the head literally, as a result of experiencing Love.
He then proceeds to describe, through a string of metaphors, the scenarios he begs God to keep intact.Keeping the garden of life luscious green, not targeting those drunk with love in the garden of love, don't bring the autumn that turns the leaves brown and dry, don't dry up and break the branches of this green garden of love, don't make these people empty handed and wandering the streets, homeless.

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