Sunday, June 23, 2013

Elixir of Life

Thoughts of you 
Flow deep within
This stream of streams, within
This elixir of my Being

This flow comes, from your love 
 into my lifestream it flows 
Overflowing in gratitude
all existence give thanks

Even the flying parrots are thanking
And with this mention of birds
My longing heart, Begins to fly

 you only have to mention
the Name of that Beloved
And I, most certainly
Will give up all I have, even my being

For on this journey of union,
seekers are prepared to give it all up - everything
even our existence for the Life of Life.
How then, can we avoid smiling in sheer joy?

Like every other soulbird, the turtledove
Weaves a garland of love 
He even escapes the cage 
to hand  it to his Solomon

my heart flies with it too, for
every moment, another seeker,
Travels lovedrunk, to the purest of realms
Seeking union with the Beloved

Losing identity, gaining Eternity.
What is the soul? the winevat of Kings,
containing heavenly wine .
Tasting it you will lose your self

What more can be expressed with words?
an indescribable bliss while eating
an indescribable bliss while moving
an indescribable bliss while speaking

I feel it no matter what I'm doing
For when I see your Moonlike beauty, my Beloved,
And when we are together ,
I am in the realm of joy

But those whose horse is lame,
will leave this realm, limping

The moon, who knows you play polo,
transformed itself into a glowing sphere
The sun has also given up its being
rolling away for you to play like a fiery ball

Both have hastened to you, but why
haven't acknowledged their presence
Having woven themselves into your Light;
they await outside your porch

If the external light is such,
then he who is a seer of destiny, My Lord
rides with power, rides with grace
He rides strong, he rides steadfast !

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