Saturday, May 12, 2012

You bring me back to Life -- Ode 1393

I was dead. You brought me back to life.
My being, once teemed with tears, you changed them into laughter.
As the Power of Love came forth, I gained Everlasting Power.
My senses are content; my soul, brimming with courage.
The courage of a lion. Like Venus -- I shine forth.

He said, "Begone! You haven’t lost your sanity and no longer deserve to be in this house!"
So, I went .  I grew  insane with love, chains and all and I returned.

He said,"Leave! You are not drunk enough; not one of us!"
So, I left. When I found the meaning of being drunk with my whole being,
overwhelmed with joy, I returned.

He said,"What? Are you not prepared to give your life – to melt  your being in bliss?"
And then I saw His Face; I would lay down my life for that life-bestowing Face.

He said,"You are all guile; immersed in doubts and [mundane] thoughts!"
So, I became simple and ignorant; no doubts, no concerns. I corrected my ways and disconnected myself from the influence of people.

He said, "You have become the shining light and leader of this gathering!"
I objected:  "I am not the light! I am no leader  here!"
So I turned into smoke and scattered in the six directions....

I am nolonger a leader, I am not out in front , anymore
I yield to Your command !

He said,"You have aspiring wings! How can I give you new ones?"
So, I shed my feathers and left my wings, wanting  only those He would give.

"Don’t give in to new promises", He said, "Don't fret over promises of power and position."
           So, through His Grace and Benevolence I drew nearer.

He said,"Don't recount tales of old love for us!"
           I replied, "Yes-- I won't!" And I became still with Being.

My heart, felt those lifegiving rays of light,
My heart opened and swallowed the whole world.

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