Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Rumi Valentine 2012: Poems of Love

Translations, stories and commentary by Dr. Ali Arsanjani

MUM Library North Lounge

February 14, 2012, 7:30 pm

'On Valentine ’s Day we celebrate love, lover and Beloved with stories and poems from Rumi, the mystical Master Poet of Love. Music, slides, stories and poetry will mix to help us more richly experience Rumi’s ecstatic spontaneous poetry of Life, Joy and Love, painting the colors of love’s spectrum with the rainbow of Rumi’s words.

Dr. Ali Arsanjani will be reading translations of Rumi's poetry, recounting stories of Rumi and providing commentary on the poetry with insight into the Sufi traditions and poetic implications behind the hidden meanings. Here are some of the titles of the poems we will read and comment on, strung together in a few sentences: “Every particle of my Being” says “ you bring me back to Life”. “I have returned from the Lover”, and I am convinced that since “I have seen your way, I will seek no other”. The Beloved takes care of the lover much as the “Ocean takes care of the fish” . “Look straight and you will see the Moon”, for “don’t be doubtful, seek a Master”. “Play that rhythm softly drummer!” and “Make the lifewater of Love flow through our veins”. As one lover tells the beloved: “As you came to me your Being was hidden in the depths of this hidden Being of mine.”

If you wish to view the tape pls leave a comment and we will email you the link!

Whirling Sparks of Love Unite

Adapted from Jalaledin Rumi
by Ali Arsanjani


Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

Fallen from their source a day
They won't rest till they find a way
To reunite; they remember the day
So they choose to wind right back on course
To Be united with their source!

So they dance in sparks of love
Whirling round us from above
Waiting till the time is ripe
Clouds unite in a spark of light

Patient be, till you hear 
The sound of thunder very near
Forget what seems dear
You might, mistaken, gasp of fear

this calm breeze will soothe you down
amid the storm rolling over your town

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

Those fallen from their Source
See their plight; no remorse

Just stand up tall and shine with light
Or sit deep in bliss a spark of light
Or take the pen let the soul gush
Feelings flow no need to rush

Then Let it go don't push with might
It'll come to you if it's your right

Hear the flute the tale it tells
Hear the tale that it laments

From the reedbed since I was torn
People have heard this cry forlorn

fallen back from our source
Since that day, we've felt remorse

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

deeply yearns to get back on course
to find it's way back to it's Source

Winding back it seeks recourse 
Seeking union with every resource

Going back in time to seek
Union with it's source to keep

The Flute tells this tale to make you weep
To make you long and make you seek

Choose to light up, whirl and dance 
Look deep inside your secret trance

Light up and twirl; sing and dance
Rise again you have a chance

Be friend to all but your secrets keep
Secure inside that mirror deep

Theyll sit with you; laugh and weep
But still inside your secrets keep

Not far from my moan 
Do My secrets roam
Not far from this cry
Do My secrets lie

Yet they haven't that light 
the ear and eye

Whirling sparks of love unite
Dancing flames of light combine
Those who fell apart : unite

You know this well
What you sow, you reap

Don't give up the light; this is not your fight
Don't venture outwards; keep your might

Just let go; if it's your right
Stand up bright, shine inside, it's your right
Keep inside, just let go, it's alright

Stand up; shine bright;
Don't give up your right
Show all your might

Whirling sparks of love divide
Dancing flames of light unfold
Those who fell apart : untold.

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