Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Like This - Ode 1826

هر کی ز حور پرسدت رخ بنما که همچنین
Anyone who asks you about a gorgeous one, show your face and say:  Like This!
هر کی ز ماه گویدت بام برآ که همچنین
Anyone who asks you about the Moon, go to the roof and say: Like This!
هر کی پری طلب کند چهره خود بدو نما
Anyone who seeks a magical creature, show your own face to them
هر کی ز مشک دم زند زلف گشا که همچنین
Anyone who speaks of the finest perfume, open your locks : Like This!
هر کی بگویدت ز مه ابر چگونه وا شود
Anyone who asks you how to part the clouds to see the moon
باز گشا گره گره بند قبا که همچنین
Open your robe knot by knot Like This!
گر ز مسیح پرسدت مرده چگونه زنده کرد
Anyone who asks you how Jesus brought the dead back to life
بوسه بده به پیش او جان مرا که همچنین
Kiss them on the forehead and say my dear, Like This!
هر کی بگویدت بگو کشته عشق چون بود
Anyone asking you to tell how can we be a martyr to love
عرضه بده به پیش او جان مرا که همچنین
Show them and say, my dear, Like This!
هر کی ز روی مرحمت از قد من بپرسدت
Anyone who asks about me from your trustworthy self
ابروی خویش عرضه ده گشته دوتا که همچنین
Show them your eyebrows and say "they became two"; like this!
جان ز بدن جدا شود باز درآید اندرون
Conscious soul separates from the body and returns back within
هین بنما به منکران خانه درآ که همچنین
Come out of the house and Show them, the disbelievers; like this!
هر طرفی که بشنوی ناله عاشقانه‌ای
When you hear the lover's crying from any direction
قصه ماست آن همه حق خدا که همچنین
By God, all of those cries are telling our  story, like this!
خانه هر فرشته‌ام سینه کبود گشته‌ام
Within every angel's house, you can see my wounded chest
چشم برآر و خوش نگر سوی سما که همچنین
Open your eyes and gaze well into the heavens, like this!
سر وصال دوست را جز به صبا نگفته‌ام
I have not divulged the secret of The Friend to any but the Northern Wind
تا به صفای سر خود گفت صبا که همچنین
The Northern wind, that Refreshing secret-keeper said, like this!
کوری آنک گوید او بنده به حق کجا رسد
The one who claims the servant cannot reach the Lord is blind
در کف هر یکی بنه شمع صفا که همچنین
Place the candle of Refreshment in each one's hand, like this!
گفتم بوی یوسفی شهر به شهر کی رود
I asked, how can the smell of Joseph travel city to city?
بوی حق از جهان هو داد هوا که همچنین
The perfume of Truth called forth from the world of the Unseen (Hu) : like this!
گفتم بوی یوسفی چشم چگونه وادهد
I asked : "how can the smell of Joseph open our eyes?"
چشم مرا نسیم تو داد ضیا که همچنین
Your welcome breeze lit my eyes , like this!
از تبریز شمس دین بوک مگر کرم کند
If only Shams blesses us from Tabriz
وز سر لطف برزند سر ز وفا که همچنین
With His grace, he drops in only to show he is faithful to us, like this!

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