Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks for the Elixir of Life

Thanks for the Elixir of Life – Molana Rumi

Translated by Ali and Parastoo Arsanjani

  1. Thoughts of you, deep within, as elixir flows, deep within my lifestream, 
  2. This elixir of life, in the Stream of streams, it flows from your love, 
  3. Overflowing with gratitude and thanks, all existence, even common parrots flying around
  4. My longing heart, flutters away, as soon as it hears this mention of birds
  5. Mere mention of Him suffices, willingly I relinquish my life
  6. How can we not laugh in joy, when going to join the life of Life (soul of Souls).
  7. Every soulbird, like the turtledove, from love creates, a garland
  8. just like my heart that flew, he has left the cage and set out towards Solomon
  9. From the life of every pure being, every moment another spiritual one
  10. love drunk and wasted; ready to be annihilated, travels all the way to the purest realm
  11. What is the soul? the wine vat of Kings; containing the heaven wine
  12. with this (having tasted),  we lose our self, so every utterance, seems in vain
  13. an indescribable bliss while eating; an indescribable bliss when moving
  14. an indescribable bliss while speaking; everything else I do goes the same way
  15. This realm of ours is a joyous one, O moonlike beauty, when you and I are thus connected
  16. Those whose horse is lame will leave this realm limping
  17. The moon, who knows you play polo, made itself into a glowing sphere
  18. And the sun has also given up its life and rolled away like a fire sphere
  19. Both these have hurried to you, but haven’t gained your presence
  20. Have woven themselves into your Light; await outside your porch
  21. If the light external is such, then he who is a seer of destiny
  22. My Lord, how strong and steadfast is he! My Lord how powerful he rides!

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