Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rumi Thanksgiving

Rumi is a seeker of the divine and the longing he feels in his quest for the divine and reaching back inside himself into the source of creation 
causes him to verbalize his feelings spontaneously in the form of the most enchanting poetry where his words come alive with the fresh scent 
of love and resonate with us regardless of time and space.
As a special tribute to Thanksgiving, Ali Arsanjani explores the poems of Rumi that are relevant to giving thanks have stories that relate to this time of year
he translates the poems into modern poetry and yet seeks to preserve some of the essence of the original intent.

Don't turn away ; come this way, my smiling flower
             You – the Intellect within the Intellect within the Intellect of mine,
You – the essence within the essence within the essence of mine

Cast a glance in this direction, come, pass by our street,
            You -- the teeming essence of life,
boil in the sweetness of the sugarcane

he will further provide a commentary on the backgrounds of the terminology and metaphors used within Rumi's poetry
in related to modern day applications in our daily lives.

This is part of a series called "What would Rumi do?" that Ali started in New York earlier this year.

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