Saturday, February 19, 2022

You arise from within like words that I speak

ز یکی آتش برآوردم تو را

در دگر آتش بگستردم تو را

از دل من زاده‌ای همچون سخن

چون سخن آخر فروخوردم تو را

با منی وز من نمی‌داری خبر

جادوم من جادوی کردم تو را

تا نیفتد بر جمالت چشم بد

گوش مالیدم بیازردم تو را

دایم اقبالت جوان شد ز آنچ داد

این کف دست جوامردم تو را


I drew you out From a fire,  then placed you in another type of fire

You are born of my heart like the words that I speak

Like those words in my speech I finally swallowed you 

You are with me and don't ask me what is new

I am magic and I cast my magic on you

So no evil eye falls on you, I gave you the work over and that upset you

Your destiny was renewed from what it brought, this palm was chivalrous to you.

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