Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Ocean of Thought

صورت از معنی چو شیر از بیشه دان 
Expression jumps out from meaning
Like a lion from the thicket 
یا چو آواز و سخن ز اندیشه دان 
Or like singing and speech 
Coming from thought 

این سخن و آواز از اندیشه خاست 
This song these words 
from where do they arise ? 
from thought
تو ندانی بحر اندیشه کجاست 
Where do they reside?
That you know not
They come from the ocean of thought 

لیک چون موج سخن دیدی لطیف 
When you see a wave of speech
Gentle and refined
بحر آن دانی که باشد هم شریف 
You know the ocean it comes from
Is deep and blessed 
چون ز دانش موج اندیشه بتاخت 
The wave of thought galloped forth
From the ocean of Knowingness
از سخن و آواز او صورت بساخت 
And created form from that speech 
From that voice
از سخن صورت بزاد و باز مرد 
From speech matter is born and died again
موج خود را باز اندر بحر برد 
Taking its waves into its depths once again
صورت از بی صورتی آمد برون 
The expressed world arises from the unexpressed one
باز شد که انا الیه راجعون
It opens again for all return back to the Divine Source 

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