Saturday, August 2, 2014

I saw Angels knocking on the tavern door

دوش دیدم که ملایک در میخانه زدند
Yesterday I saw angels knocking on the tavern door 
گل آدم بسرشتند و به پیمانه زدند
Measured and crafted the mud used to create Man

ساکنان حرم ستر و عفاف ملکوت
The inhabitants of the realm of secrecy and purity 
با من راه نشین باده مستانه زدند
Drank cups of wine with me the homeless wonderer

آسمان بار امانت نتوانست کشید
The sky could not bear the weight of responsibility 
قرعه کار به نام من دیوانه زدند
So as luck would have it, the random draw fell on me , the crazy one 
جنگ هفتاد و دو ملت همه را عذر بنه
The drawn out war between the seventy- two nations was used as an  excuse
چون ندیدند حقیقت ره افسانه زدند
Since they could not see the truth they chose the way of the fairy tale 
شکر ایزد که میان من و او صلح افتاد
Thank God that peace fell between us
صوفیان رقص کنان ساغر شکرانه زدند
Rejoicing this the dancing Sufis drank in gratitude 
آتش آن نیست که از شعله او خندد شمع
Fire is not just something that the candle laughs at its flame 
آتش آن است که در خرمن پروانه زدند
Fire is that which lights up to the flocks of butterflies 
کس چو حافظ نگشاد از رخ اندیشه نقاب
No one has taken off the mask of Reason as has Hafez
تا سر زلف سخن را به قلم شانه زدند

Who combs the fragrant beautiful hair of verse with the comb of his pen 


Thinker said...

Dear i think it is not by Rumi. it is by Hafiz "Faces of Love, 40-41. Ghazal 179."

Anonymous said...

You are correct. This is a ghazal from Hafez that I translated.

Anonymous said...

Pls note the last two lines of the Ghazal, where Hafez traditionally addresses himself. I thought it would be self explanatory. I will indicate it more clearly in the title next time ;-)