Friday, December 2, 2011

The dust of the road of desire is the alchemy of your goal:

This ode is from Hafez, the deliberate master of rhyme and rhythm and the intricate weaving of meanings hidden and explicit tintillating the palate of the seeker!
منم که دیده به دیدار دوست کردم باز

It is I who have opened up my eyes and gaze to welcome the meeting with the Friend again

چه شکر گویمت ای کارساز بنده نواز
how can I express my gratitude to you who are the master organizer of events the( one who makes things happen ) and who through compassion casts grace on His subjects!
نیازمند بلا گو رخ از غبار مشوی

که کیمیای مراد است خاک کوی نیاز
the alchemy of the goal resides on the dust of the road of need
ز مشکلات طریقت عنان متاب ای دل
don't be disappointed by the problems of Way, I tell my heart,
که مرد راه نیندیشد از نشیب و فراز
For the man of the Way is undaunted by the ups and downs of the Road
طهارت ار نه به خون جگر کند عاشق
if the ablution is not done with the toils of weathering problems
به قول مفتی عشقش درست نیست نماز
Then, as the clergy would say: your prayers are not correctly done

در این مقام مجازی بجز پیاله مگیر
in this virtual station don't hold onto anything but the wine cup!
در این سراچه بازیچه غیر عشق مباز
In this field of games don't lose anything but love
به نیم بوسه دعایی بخر ز اهل دلی
Give half a kiss and buy a prayer
From one who knows the way of the heart
که کید دشمنت از جان و جسم دارد باز
For the schemes of your enemy
Separates you from your body and soul

فکند زمزمه عشق در حجاز و عراق
in two lands were cast
the gurgling murmur of love
نوای بانگ غزلهای حافظ از شیراز
the melody of the sound of Hafez's idea
From Shiraz!

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