Saturday, June 20, 2009

We are all lions-- but only on a flag

Book One -- Daftar e Avval -- 602 -- We are all lions-- but only on a flag!

Molana tends to erupt in expressions of Divine gratitude from time to time in the midst of this Couplets. I like to combine these in some cases and the resulting compilation is what I have grown to refer to as the Monajat Naam-e of Rumi: Expressions of Divine Gratitude.

Here is a very famous piece which I had the great pleasure and honor of co-translating with the great poet Dr. Maryam Daftari.

Yours is the melody; we are but the flute

Yours is the the echo; we are but the mountain,

In victory and in defeat we are but chess pieces

You of noble virtues, decide our victory or defeat

Alone, we are nothing; You are the Self within our self,

As long as we are with Thee, we exist

We are Nothingness; for the source of our Being

Emanates from you, the Absolute Being, mortal-like

We [think we] are Lions, but only Lion[-emblems] on a flag

it is the wind which makes us flutter and feign attack!

Manifest is their attack, yet the wind is hidden,

He who is Unmanifest -- may he never be lost!

Your blessing to us is our breath; our being

You made it all -- All of our Being!

Our breath, our Being is Your blessing;

Our entire Being is created by You!

You allowed Nothingness

to taste the sweetness of Being

and let it fall in love with You!

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