Friday, June 12, 2009

Ode 1045 : Don't make me wait any longer

Ode 1045 : Saghi be Quick! I can't Wait Any Longer


For the next round, give me from that other cup of wine

which will sooth my inner self forevermore

Seeing me like this, I swear,

you’ll believe that I just can’t wait anymore

If [you think ] I deserve a grain of your mercy,

don’t make me wait any longer

Set me free, set me free- free!

For I have badly fallen into that other trap

If you close the house door on me now;

I’ll climb to roof and try to get in

Don’t leave me at the mercy of thoughts;

Thoughts are all-consuming, bloodthirsty creatures

Saghi, if you don’t bring another round of raw wine;

These hundred raw ones will continue to annoy me

Even if I already have a loan to bear, quick!

take this mantle and I need another loan!

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