Thursday, November 22, 2012

Give thanks and be in the presence of the Thankers

Rumi starts out by recounting a tale
Of one filled with jealousy
Which deprives one of the sense of "smell"
آن وزیرک از حسد بودش نژاد
تا به باطل گوش و بینی باد داد
بر امید آنک از نیش حسد
زهر او در جان مسکینان رسد
هر کسی کو از حسد بینی کند
خویش را بیگوش و بی بینی کند
Here he describes the sense of smell
The "olfactory " metaphor for spiritual pursuit
بینی آن باشد که او بویی برد
بوی او را جانب کویی برد
The nose he says is for finding ones way
هر که بویش نیست بی بینی بود
If you cannot find your way then
It's as if you have lost your sense of smell and therefore have no nose!
بوی آن بویست کان دینی بود
چونک بویی برد و شکر آن نکرد
And if you did smell the path
And find the path but did not give thanks to the Divine
کفر نعمت آمد و بینیش خورد
Then your sense of smell your spiritual compass will be taken away!
شکر کن مر شاکران را بنده باش
Give plenty of thanks and be
A humble and reverent to those you give thanks, the Thankers

پیش ایشان مرده شو پاینده باش
In their divine presence be silent and attentive try to see what they are being and teaching , be silent and deeply collected within yourself as if you do not exist
And thus gain everlasting life!
چون وزیر از رهزنی مایه مساز
خلق را تو بر میاور از نماز
Don't deter people from the spiritual path
Like highway robber sitting on their path
ناصح دین گشته آن کافر وزیر
The hypocrites will preach spirituality
But are an empty shell
کرده او از مکر در گوزینه سیر

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