Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If ever you are depressed ....

To the people of the world in these times of distress Rumi speaks:

گر تو ملولی ای پدر جانب یار من بیا
My dear, if you are depressed, come to see my Friend
تا که بهار جانها تازه کند دل تو را
So He will refresh your heart, this springtime of hearts
بوی سلام یار من لخلخه بهار من
The smell of my companion's greeting brings the song of spring showers
باغ و گل و ثمار من آرد سوی جان صبا
The north wind brings thus, to my soul, signs from the flower garden
مستی و طرفه مستیی هستی و طرفه هستیی
Drunken-ness?He brings the state of drunkenness ,pure existence? He is Pure Existence, the freshness of Pure Being

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