Sunday, February 28, 2010

The passage of time

I feel for perhaps the very first time or at least as I am aware of it, the passage of time
Always waiting for the golden calm where do i turn?

The flute’s a companion to those parted with a friend
Whose veils have cut asunder our own veils

Who has seen poison and antidote in one, like the flute?
Who has seen a companion and eager friend like the flute?

The flute tells a tale of a much bloodied way
Tells us stories of insane love 

The confidant of this awareness is no-awareness
the tongue’s best customer is the ear

In our sorrow; the days go by
The days are coupled with painful longing

Tell the passing days, “Go, I have no fear!”

stay with me– besides whom there is none pure

From Masnavi, Book 1,  Lines 1-16

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