Friday, October 9, 2009

Rumi on Love: Part 4:

Love is apparent when there's a malady of heart;
No malady compares to that of the heart.

The malady of the Lover is beyond normal cause;
Love is the Navigator, through the mysteries of God.

Even if your love, shifts from this to that,
To that True love it will finally lead!

However hard, I strive, to describe,
elusive love;
When I come to it, I am still filled with shame.

Even if my words bring clarity,
Yet clearer indeed, is Speechless Love!

Hastening, in its path of writing, the Pen,
It broke in two when it came upon love!
[Hastening, the Pen, when in its path,
it came upon Love, it split in two!]

A stallion, thrashing in quicksand,
the Intellect in vain seeks to describe:

[for] the story of lovers and their love
             can only be told through love itself!

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