Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Companion

The Companion or the Friend (Doost, Yar) is another frequently used metaphor for Divine being in Rumi's Poetry. Many of his stories and verses of other Sufi mystics depict the quest for the Companion. There is companionship at multiple levels, frienship at various degrees. Here, not only between the Moon and Mars here, but also, if you look solely within the Moon, it shines by the light of its Companion, The Light bestowing Sun and of course, God "is the Light of the Heavens and of Earth".
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Gulan said...

Thank you for the clarification about this metaphor! I'm also curious to know what the metaphors 'wine' and 'drunkenness' exactly means or depicts in Rumi's or other Sufi's poetry.. because I don't think they mean real wine scince a lot of them were also devoted muslims.