Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Actions Are Melodies That Echo Back

This world is a mountain and our actions send forth melodies -- that echo right back to us with the melodies we sent forth! --Rumi, Masnavi
"Eeen jahan koohast o fe'le ma neda; sooye ma ayad nedaha ra seda"


Tina said...

was looking for Rumi resources when i stumbled upon your blog. it's good that you have commentaries to come with the poems. keep it up!

btw, i'd like to know which book you can recommend for somebody who's just starting to get acquainted with rumi.

- said...

brilliant, speechless!
thankyou for sharing

Ali Arsanjani said...

Hi Tina, thanks for your comment. I have started a series that will have commentaries and will focus on instances where Rumi speaks of Love. There are many books out there of course and each has a good initial section that will be a good intro to Rumi. I like W. Chittick's Sufi Path of Love in particular. Truth be told I am finishing a book on Rumi and once we publish it I will post a link here.