Friday, February 27, 2009

The Alchemy of this Moment

Rumi talks about the alchemy, the magic of this moment in book 3, verses 1423 of his Masnavi.
He describes a lover who, when united with the beloved, proceeds to take a out a love letter and starts reading it out to the beloved. The beloved asks if he is a true lover, or does he love the state of loving and his own poetry!

Rumi points out that
Kimiaye Haal bashad daste oo
dast jonbanad shavad mes maste oo

The magic of the moment is at his fingertips
should he but decide to move those fingers, he can even make copper drunk and transform to gold

He is saying that we have far more, indeed perhaps all we need, right at this moment, and to seek another place and time but now is shortsighted and in doing so we don't realize that we are indeed sitting next to the Beloved at this moment, and all the blessings and power that this brings for us.

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