Friday, January 2, 2009

Tadvir e Ghadr - The Circling of Destiny Masnavi 6:916-91

Have you not insight into the Circling of Destiny?
Then the boiling and turning of the elements behold !

For the churning of the sea debris and froth
arises from the sea; seething, magnanimous

Behold the wandering wind in its rage
look how it commands and makes the ocean waves seethe

the sun and the moon as two cows at the mill
circumvent and guide [the milling of flour]

the stars also from house to house do run
as they become the carrier of good fortune and bad fortune

the stars, in constant motion, like a wheel
are yet weak of foundation and lazy

the stars are the eyes, ears and intelligence of ours
behold they are here at night and then suddenly gone with daylight

at times in a benefic sign bringing people together and happy
at times in the malefic sign of separation and senslessness

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