Friday, February 24, 2017

Your Grace Arrives

Ghazal 831

هر زمان لطفت همی در پی رسد
Every time Your Grace arrives
ور نه کس را این تقاضا کی رسد
Or else who would ask for such Grace?
مست عشقم دار دایم بی خمار
Keep me Drunk with love without wine
من نخواهم مستیی کز می رسد
For I don't want the drunkenness that comes with wine
ما نیستانیم و عشقش آتشیست
We are the nonexistent and Divine Love is the fire
منتظر کان آتش اندر نی رسد
Waiting for the fire to reach the reed
این نیستان آب ز آتش می خورد
This reed land drinks from fire
تازه گردد ز آتشی کز وی رسد
Is refreshed from the fire coming from the Divine
تا ابد از دوست سبز و تازه ایم
We are forever fresh and nourished from the Friend
او بهاری نیست کو را دی رسد

لا شویم از کل شیی هالک
چون هلاک و آفت اندر شیء رسد
هر کی او ناچیز شد او چیز شد
هر کی مرد از کبر او در حی رسد

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Never would I have guessed

Rumi, Translated by Ali Arsanjani

Never would I have guessed, this adventure could intoxicate me so,
making hell of my heart and turning my eyes into rivers so,
never could I have guessed, that a flood would wipe me away,
casting me mercilessly upon the blood-filled ocean so,

bringing a thunderous wave upon that ship that tore it board by board
that in this relentless whirling, every board would be undone so,
that a giant whale would rise from deep and drink the ocean
never would I have thought an ocean could be swallowed dry like so,
thereafter the desert would swallow the ocean-devouring whale so,
and as with Heron, the desert too, shall be swallowed by wrath divine, like so,
neither desert nor ocean remain, when succeeding transformations whirl so,

What became of Being when it drowned in Nonbeing, I really do not know,
There are many things we know, but I no longer know --
swimming for my life, I must have swallowed foam, the rest I do not know...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Smiling Pomogranate

نار خندان که دهان بگشادست
The smiling pomegranate who bares its teeth
چونگ در پوست نگنجد چه کند
Who cannot contain itself in its own skin , what shall it do?

مه تابان بجز از خوبی و ناز
The shining moon if not for its goodness and shyness
چه نماید چه پسندد چه کند
What shall it reveal? What does it like? What shall it do?

آفتاب ار ندهد تابش و نور
If the Sun does not shine and emanate light
پس بدیننادره گنبد چه کند
Then what of its role in this rarefied dome?

سایه چون طلعت خورشید بدید
When the shadow saw the rays of the sun
نکند سجده نخنبد چه کند
If not to prostrate itself, what could it do?

عاشق از بوی خوش پیرهنت
If the lover, smelling the sweet smell of your blouse
پیرهن را ندراند چه کند
Does not tear it open, what would he do?


مولوی،دیوان شمس مولوی،غزل۸۳۵

Thanks to A Norouzifar for  suggesting this Ghazal.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Elixir of My Being

Thoughts of you
flow in this stream 
this stream of life 
to give us Life

The fountain of life, 
flows for your love
in the stream of streams

1.    سودای تو در جوی جان چون آب حیوان می‌رود
2.    آب حیات از عشق تو در جوی جویان می‌رود

3.    عالم پر از حمد و ثنا از طوطیان آشنا